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Worth too look at! Empty Worth too look at!

Post  Selverdion on Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:41 pm

*In Bruges - Yes its a drama, but with a hint of action, though that should not matter, and trust me after you have seen it, the action in it wont be the reason you recomend this movie.
* Black Irish - Another Drama, and no before you think im a puss who only watch drama and romantic shit you are wrong, Ive studied movies for the past three years, as well in school as at home, constantly watching. So when I recommend a movie it`s becouse its good. See it.
* There Will Bee Blood - The secund best movie of this year so far, but I hardly believe anything will beat it or the one I keep on number one.
* No Country For Old Men - Is by far the best movie ive seen in a long time. No need to tell anything about it, becouse it`s so fucking good you will hate yourself for even looking at the trailer becouse you dont want anything in it to be reveiled. Go see it, and yes I dont mean download, why you ask ? Becouse this movie is so good you have to support those massive paychecks the acters get for it.
*The Dark Knight - My advice is to see the old movies before, yes they suck but its that or reading the shit, and thats even worse. But GOD DAMN why did Heath Ledger have to take his life after making the movie off his life...This movie is so far number three at this years list, but im pretty confident it will have to move when another film on my list comes out.

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Worth too look at! Empty Re: Worth too look at!

Post  NiGhTwIsPeR_z on Sat Dec 27, 2008 12:31 am

Hi there Hampus!
I havn't seen the first three movies but I'll.
I saw "No country for men" a few of weeks ago and I agree with what you say. It was a realy good movie.
I saw "The Dark Knight" on the cinema twice. well I think you can guess why. Smile
Heath Ledger was a very good actor in the movie.

I also like prison movies like The Shawshank redemption, The Green Mile, Felon etc.
"The Mist", a good horror movie with a unexpectedly ending.
I don't know if your interested what movies i like but if you are I can tell a couple of more Razz
Thanks for you advice.


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