how to play NE 2v2/3v3?

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how to play NE 2v2/3v3? Empty how to play NE 2v2/3v3?

Post  ani_skywalker on Sat Feb 21, 2009 3:06 am

How do you guys use NE 2v2?

I will tell you a little about how I do them 1v1, maybe you can see why I really suck with them on 2v2.

1v1: Im winning vs orcs most of the time, often easy (unless he is a real good rusher that towercreeps at the same time). Same with UD if they go mass Fiends. Human depends but if AM isnt first hero and he get blizz, I probably cut them of creeping, leveling up fast and win there too. Hardest for me is UD going Ghouls and Gargs, elf have nothing to pwn mass Gargs with and Ghouls own archers. However I found a solution for that too. I go mass air and balistas long before he get to go mass Gargs, and since Ghouls are ground and balistas are really good vs zigurats I win those games too, atleast the last 4-5 vs good players that implememnt that strategy.

Most of the games I use mass archers and power-creep with mass units. Almost every time I go 3 heros. If someone goes mass tanks with HU or riders with Orcs I leave POTM and all archers in base, making a basecube where my units heal. Then she levels up by her shelf while they hit themshelf to my buildings ;-). At the same time I creep with Kotg and DH. When reach meta I go house/peasents or burrows/peons. GG.

Now to the problem. Massing weak units like archers is only good if you can cut the enemy off creeping, or if there is not that much creep and you need to get to it before the other, which is also a way of cuting him off it. But in team games the creeps are bigger, harder to creep with Elf. Then there is also a lot more, so its harder to cut him of creeping. In a battle, archers are almost useless, no matter what backup you have on them you lose them much faster than they kill enemy troops. So, archers are basicly ruled out.

Huntress are not much better, not untill you upgrade main to level 3 and they get mass damage ability. And if you mass them you get vulnerable to air.

I did a game with Pat when we faced 2 UD. He was UD and I was NE, I teched dryads and got second exp. We owned that game, even when they go mass gargs my dryads + hippo + talon (stormcrow) and Pats spiders owned them. But that was in a very large map, Stormguard or something like that its called. Also, 2 UD made it hard for them to rush, it was safe untill I could tech and pool Pat at the same time, most games you dont have that much time.

Did 2 costum games tonight, me and Pat vs Kim and Hamp, map was Gnolll Wood both times. First time we where both Elfs and we both pretty much sucked (they where 2*UD that time), easy lose. Second time Pat was HU and I was UD, while they where HU/UD. Again we played gnoll wood and this time I went dryads. Ofc I never got out more than 4-5 before Kim and Hamp bring a mass army of spiders and mortats. Mostly cause i got slowed down from their first attack, bringing Rifle + Spiders and kill tree where you make Dryads (forgott its name). Well, GG again....

This become a long post but now to the question, how do you play Elf in team? What units you think is usefull? And what you think could change?


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how to play NE 2v2/3v3? Empty Re: how to play NE 2v2/3v3?

Post  Selverdion on Sat Feb 21, 2009 5:30 pm

I really like to play with NE in teamgames. With KOTG you can easily creep harder kreeps alone right from start, like golems or such. Plus archers in start are great no matter situation, especially at night. Then if you gona continue making arch as the game goes on you need to have "heavier" units infront of them, else they will get slaughterd. Just massing arch is pretty risky in a teamgame unless the other member does the same or the heavy units tactic.

So I most often go arch then dryads, and finally two or three bears, and if the first big battle dont settle the score I often go for bears and dry only, maybe som mix with arch and hunt if I dont have so much wood or gold.
NE is a pretty nice race to have with you in teamgames, specially in 2v2. And if you dont go arch and dryads, arch and talons with cyclone is really affective. Cycing there heros while owning there units, works great against UD who cant heal fiends and so on.

Basicly I dont like massing one type of unit, but none the less arch in masses behind other units really rape.

So I would say that NE is a great team race. Since the race opens for a fast- aswell as a long -game.

Now to the question: What you can do different. As I play vs better and bettter people in bnet and I have come to realized that a blend of different units with some nice micro involved is the key to winning a good teamgame. When you can control them to that point that the opponents masses of units cant beat you, even though you have less units.

So the advice I can give is to use different kinds of units rather then just arch, try out and see what you like. Practise makes perfect Smile. And teching with NE to dryads aint really that effective specially not on a small map like the one we played the other night. I always do arch in start even if I am teching with NE.

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