The Races(undead,orc,night elf,human)

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The Races(undead,orc,night elf,human) Empty The Races(undead,orc,night elf,human)

Post  Idan on Tue Mar 25, 2008 8:36 pm

we start with our first race human.
human heroes:archmage
skills:blizzard water elemental brilliance aura and mass teleport
blizzard:deal great dmg to the enemy units when you target on them level 1 deal 20 damage level 2 30 level 3 50.
water elemental:the archmage summon water who can help you in battles he got great damage and hp.
brilliance aura:that aura makes your mana points to become full faster.
mass teleport:the archmage use teleport by his own magic he can teleport to any ground unit(building or other units are walk on ground) he can take with him only 24 units.
mountain king
skills:hammer storm bash thounder clap and avatar.
hammer storm:deal good damage and stun the unit that you target,first level 75 damage 3 seconds stun second level 225 4 seconds stun third level 350 damage and 5 seconds stun.
bash:gives chance to stun the enemy by hits and gives 25 bonus damage,first level 20% chance to stun,second level 30% chance to stun,third level 40% chance to stun.
thounder clap:when mountain king use clap he deal some damage to the units who surround him in short distance and make them slow in 40% 50% and 60%,i do not know how much damage it deals yet.
avatar:avatar that the mountain king level 6 skill that make him immunity to spells and add him +20 damage and +5 armor.
ill keep tell on human heroes and units next time.(if you want to ask question ask yarzer hes the "best bnet player ever")


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